Youth Policy

Horsham Cycling welcomes young people under 18 to join in with its rides and events. It should be noted that the Club does not provide any under 18 training, coaching or supervision or specific rides/events for members under 18 years of age.

Horsham Cycling will take reasonable steps to protect children from abuse and will respond swiftly and appropriately to any reported suspicions of abuse.

It is the responsibility of every member of the Club to report any concern with regard to the welfare of any child who is a member of the Club or participating in a Club event, whether or not the cause for that concern emanated from within the Club.

Any concern that a member may have with regard to the welfare of a child should be reported, in the first instance, to the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) or a Club Official, who will take whatever appropriate action to ensure the safety of the child and any other child who may be at risk.

It is not the responsibility of the Club to undertake investigations into reported abuse, or to determine whether any such abuse has occurred. This is the domain of child protection professionals, the social care services and the Police.

On receipt of an allegation of abuse, the Club Welfare Officer/Official will refer the matter directly to the West Sussex County Council Child Protection Team and/or Police and the Child Protection Officer, British Cycling.

Consideration will be given to informing the parent or guardian of the child, unless, of course, the parent or guardian is considered the source of the abuse.

The Committee will consider whether any person accused of child abuse should be temporarily suspended pending further enquiry by the Police or Social Services.

Irrespective of the conclusion of any investigation by West Sussex Child protection Team or the Police, in accordance with the Club Discipline Policy and Procedures, an assessment will be made to determine whether the suspended Club member may be reinstated, or whether further action is appropriate.


Every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned (subject to the reporting of the matter to the relevant authorities). Information should be handled by, and disseminated to, only those who have a need to know.

Where appropriate, access to information shall be granted to:

• The Club Welfare Officer (CWO) and Officials
• Child Protection Officer, British Cycling
• The parents of the person who is alleged to have suffered abuse
• The person making the allegation
• Social Services/Police
• The alleged abuser (and parents if the alleged abuser is a child)