Reliability Trials

Over the spring, autumn and winter months reliability trials take the place of regular Club rides. The aim is to navigate a ride to a set destination and back within a time chosen by the rider. The route and rider grouping is entirely up to those taking part. There are normally two destinations, a shorter one within 15 miles and a longer one within 30 miles (remember, you have to get back). To complete the challenge requires the rider to return within 10 minutes of their chosen time - neither late or early. Rides usually start and end at the Forest School Youth Wing, Comptons Lane (see maps), with refreshments available at the finish.

These events add a bit of variety to the spring, autumn and winter schedule and are a good chance to set yourself a challenge, or just socialise with riders from different groups.

Sunday 29th Oct 2017, Sunday 19th Nov 2017, Sunday 21 Jan 2018, Sunday 25 Mar 2018

Rides / destinations to be confirmed.