Dunwich Dynamo 2022

16-17 July 2022

Jez Frost

Like coiled springs

Stealth mode

Not all work

Sunrise over the pot

This was my second outing for the DD with much thanks to the Club’s superb organisation. As without, it would be really challenging to organise; unless you are one of the crazies like Richard Pendlebury who does the DD Double - respect Richard! 


First time out, I’d taken the get there quickly approach and didn’t even stop until the halfway point at Sudbury. The large breakfast at 4:30am in the Ship washed down with several pints of ale was rather pleasant though! 


This time, I’d decided to take a more relaxed approach and thankfully a few of the group were planning on doing the same. I prepped my winter bike with a pannier full of kit, including home-made oatmeal biscuits for anyone who wanted them, swimmers, towel, a stove and ingredients for breakfast- including bacon! 


The WhatsApp group that Craig had set up prior to the event was great, lots of banter and it had identified a good group of social riders. 


So to the day. It was really hot at the start, but thankfully the heat of the day began to dissipate as we left Hackney and London Fields behind us. The route out of London was much better thanks to multiple cycle lanes and the ‘touring’ group settled into their riding. That included Stewart, Jorge, Malcom, Lisa, Mike and Mark. 


First stop was Fyfield Village Hall 24 miles where the local scouts were at hand, with superb brownies and hot drinks at the ready! 


Sadly at around Great Dunmow, Mark lost a front spoke and he made the decision to abandon. Great to meet you though and hopefully see you some other time.  


By this time, it was well and truly dark which gave us the opportunity to really appreciate Malcolm’s light rig! 


At around 11pm and 44 miles, we stopped at the Fox in the lovely village of Finchingfield. A departure from the norm was consumption of a pint of fine ale along with other ‘touring’ group colleagues! 


We stopped a further couple of times at Needham Lakes (75 miles) and then also at Gosbeck village hall for overdue coffee at 80 miles. 


Final stint then resulted in a navigation fail with Mike and I being separated from the touring group but then catching up the group just before the end. If you haven’t ridden the DD, it is quite magical watching the sky lighten at 3am as we rode through the Suffolk countryside. 


We rolled into Dunwich and hit the beach at 5am, just in time to see the sunrise. Only a couple of brave (or stupid??) HC members partook in the traditional swim including yours truly. Then the finale – bacon roll and coffee on the beach! 


If you haven’t done the DD before, I’d thoroughly recommend it. It’s a great social event and something really different. Going with fellow Club members makes it a special occasion for sure. Once again thanks to Simon Tuck and Ali Bruce who drove us there and back and made the ride possible.