Gavin Grabs Green on the Granon!

14 July 2022

Gavin Belcher

Watching the Tour de France come up the Col Du Granon yesterday, stage 11... as the riders all came back down to the buses parked at the bottom Wout Van Aert rode past me and only a second later he was off his bike pressing his back tyre with it slowly deflating and sealant coming out. So I was the first person behind his wheel and had my pump there right away to help him. Once all done, he handed it back and saying thank you, he said ”here have one better, unzip this for me” and gave me the jersey. By that point obviously loads of people stopped to see Wout... one of whom happened to be a  cycling journalist in Italy and captured all of it. So I had an awesome day out and one hell of a souvenir!