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Our club is welcoming to all types of rider, from leisure cyclist to competitive racer. Seven groups meet at the Carfax every Sunday morning, each with different speeds and distances in mind.

Horsham is surrounded by fantastic Sussex countryside and quiet roads. The club is a great way of discovering new routes, making friends and perhaps opening yourself to new cycling challenges.

You can join us for a ride or two without being a member, why not give us a try? See the rides page for more details or read the FAQ.

Our 2021 Season

In addition to regular weekend rides we have many other events for members to enjoy.

Spring Reliability Trials (cancelled) Summer Randonee July (tbc)
Club 25 TT Oakwood Hill (course G25/43) 24 July
Club Time Trials April - October Inter-club TT Oakwoodhill (course G10/46) 11 September
Spring weekend away (Southampton & New Forest) May (cancelled) Isle of Wight weekend 24-26 September
Social / Fancy Dress TT 23 May (cancelled) Hill climb @ Denbies 17 October
Annual post-ride Lunch 27 June

Belgium weekend, including Mouscron Randonnee

October (tbc)
Club Open TT
(including youth event)
xx June (cancelled) Annual General Meeting 11 November
Dunwich Dynamo 24 July (non-club event) Annual Dinner & Awards evening 16 December
Social riders' Downhill challenge 11 July Reliability Trials Spring / Autumn / Winter
Regular pub nights All year (to resume soon)

VC Meudon Race Report from Paul Walsingham

paul-may30Sunday22nd May 16 saw VC Meudon holding their 3rd Cat race on the Kirdford circuit, a generally flattish course through Loxwood, over the 'lump' (according to Strava) and Plaistow around a 9.6 mile course. We were led onto the circuit by the course car, a 500hp Audi RS6 - no early break away slipstreaming the lead car today then. A fast first lap ensued, with a section between Plaistow and Kirdford taken at an average of just under 40mph. 5 more pacey laps gobbled up the 52 miles and as the bunch raced by Foxbridge Lane, I saw some Horsham Cycling club riders waiting for the bunch to pass; I called out, but not sure they heard me. Could have potentially been in two ride reports at once; a club record?

On the last lap the usual 'gathering' began at the front. Some riders I hadn't seen all race! luckily throughout the day I managed to keep my place near the front without resorting to break neck tactics such as riding on the wrong side of the road then making a dangerous dash back over when traffic approached. Well placed, the last sprint up the Loxwood Lump finish was another painful one and another bunch finish accomplished, although those top 10 points alluded me again.

Next up is another Dunsfold Vets on Wednesday, then the BC British Masters in Bucks. More Strava 'lumps'!

Paul Walsingham


Race Report Sunday 20th March 2016

Sunday saw the first Vets road race of the season at Dunsfold Park and part of the Toachim Vets race series, held by the League of Veteran and Racing Cyclists http://www.lvrc.org.uk/. LVRC races are for riders over the age of 40 and usually split: A-B (40-49 years of age), C-D (50-59) and EFGH (60+). Good dry conditions, but a 'cool' North Easterly, so rode up from Broadbridge to warm up. The LVRC are a keen, friendly bunch and racing tends to start a little more relaxed than in the BC/Surrey Race League 3rd Cat races, but don't be fooled by occasional appearance of grey hair and prescription glasses, some of these guys are seriously strong, with current/ex 1st and 2nd Cat riders and the occasional ex-domestic pro such as Bob Downs and Mick Ives.

Quite a breeze blowing across the circuit and a tailwind down the main straight. The first few laps saw a few tentative pushes off the front, but nothing that got away. I then managed to get in a small break of 5 with a guy from Python RT and Mario from Blazing Saddles (you'll always recognise Mario luminous yellow Blazing Saddles team kit and all-year round tan, plus he attacks continually proper racer); the bunch obviously recognised I was far too dangerous to let go, and reeled us in after a lap; either that or maybe the fact that both the Python RT guy and Mario were experienced, strong LVRC riders...?

The race duration was 75 minutes, plus 3 laps, so a distance in total of nearly 40-miles. Over the next few laps one rider went clear and from what I could see Time Trialled for most of the second half of the race, not sure which was more painful, his legs, or watching him at a constant 300 metres in front of the bunch, knowing they could catch him at any point. He was put out of his misery when a break of 7 riders eventually formed and bridged over to him. I missed that break, which had gone away on the back end of the circuit, which had strong side winds and potholes, so constant echeloning and shouts of 'hole' going up all the time; also avoiding driving instructors cars and the odd lorry driving around the circuit on the other side. It's a busy place even without Clarkson and Hammond.

On the final straight, which was covered in gravel chippings from a recent resurface, and not brave or anywhere near capable enough to be a sprinter, I decided lone victory was my only option; I moved out of the bunch and drilled it to the line, 500+Watts showing on the Garmin, victory was mine... Well - no actually, I did get clear of the front of the bunch, but the finish line was moving further and further away, with 500 Watts rapidly becoming 400, then 300, I was eventually swallowed up in a very un-like Tony Martin style, and the bunch swarmed passed me. 20th or so place, so a consolatory hot cup of tea and gentle ride home avoiding kamikaze squirrels and similar mind set Sportive riders coming out of the refreshment point at Rusper. Next race not for a couple of weeks and Flanders (Sportive) in between, oh dear...

Paul Walsingham


Forthcoming Open Time Trial Events

The following events are local and may be of interest for members looking for an early season challenge. All can be entered on-line at the CTT website (http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/), entry closes about ten days before each event.

Early season Time Trials tend to be on hilly (sporting) courses. Let me know if you need any further details on the tt's below or the course routes.

21/02/2016 Redhill CC. 18 miles, course GS/478

06/03/2016 Sussex CA. 23 miles, course GS/194

13/03/2016 East Surrey RC. 29.9 miles, course GS/491

20/03/2016 SCCU 21 miles, courses GS/334

25/03/2016 Crawley Whlrs 41.9 miles, course GS/196

26/03/2016 Brighton Mitre 10 miles, course G10/44

Jon Fry

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