Guide to riding a Club Time Trial

  1. In order to ride a Club Time Trial you should ideally contact the organiser to enter in advance. It is possible to enter without pre-registration up to 20 minutes before the event starts but only if the permitted maximum number of entries has not been reached.
  2. Details of organisers are available on the Club website or are publicised in E-news.
  3. Before the event make sure your bike is in good condition; check your tyres are correctly inflated and do not have any deep cuts in them, check your gears are working smoothly and that your brakes are correctly adjusted.
  4. It is always recommended to carry a spare tube or repair kit as well as a pump or CO2 cartridge, otherwise it might be a long walk to the finish!
  5. It is recommended to have a flashing rear light fitted to your bike.
  6. On the day of the event make sure you arrive at the signing on area in plenty of time in order to sign on and collect your number. Don't forget to bring your entry fee.
  7. If you are unable to ride on the day of the event try to let the organiser know as your place can be given to another rider.
  8. Locations of signing on areas can be found on the Club website
  9. Race numbers should be worn low on your back below the waistband of your shorts / skinsuit so that they are visible to other road users and timekeepers / marshalls. tt-number-pinning
  10. Do not pin your number high on your back as it will not be visible when you are in the riding position.
  11. Time triallists usually wear either a short-sleeved racing jersey and cycling shorts, or an equivalent one-piece skin suit.
  12. Sleeveless triathlon tops are permitted in Club events but not in Open events.
  13. The wearing of a hard-shell helmet is recommended for all, and is compulsory for juniors.
  14. Whether you are allowed to carry advertising logos depends on the type of event, and on your Club. In a Club race it's simple: you can carry any advertising you want.
  15. In an Open event you can carry advertising only if you are a member of a CTT-registered sponsored Club, or you are a member of a UCI-registered professional team!
  16. In an Open event you should wear your Horsham Cycling clothing or plain clothing.
  17. Always make sure you know exactly what time you are due to start.
  18. Riders start at minute intervals in most TTs but sometimes this may be reduced to 30 second intervals.
  19. Make sure you know where the start is; you should aim to arrive at the start no more than 5 minutes before your start time so as not to cause an obstruction to other competitors and road users.
  20. When waiting to start make sure you keep close to the left hand side of the road.
  21. You should avoid making U-turns in the road near the Timekeeper.
  22. If you miss your allocated start time you will be given a time penalty and will be allowed to start the next time there is a gap between riders or you may have to wait until last.
  23. When it is your turn to start you will be called forwards to the Timekeeper.
  24. A "pusher-off" will be there to assist and hold you steady before you start.
  25. The timekeeper will give you a countdown to your start time at which point the pusher off will push you forwards and release you.
  26. Make sure you know exactly where the course goes. There may be some signs to direct you at road junctions but the onus is always on the rider to know the course.
  27. Course details can be found on the Club website
  28. If you do not complete the course in full you will be disqualified.
  29. When you are riding make sure you keep your head up so as you can see where you are going.
  30. Time Trials are often known as the "Race of Truth". All TTs, unless they are a 2-up or Team Time Trial, are ridden alone and un-paced.
  31. If you get caught by another rider you must not try to draft them but must keep back at a clear distance (30 to 50 metres).
  32. If you catch another rider always make sure it is safe to pass them and make sure you do not overtake too close to them.
  33. Do not enter into a battle with another rider where you keep overtaking each other.
  34. Riders who it is considered have been drafting will be disqualified.
  35. At road junctions you must follow the Highway Code and give way to other road users where necessary.
  36. A chequered flag or sign will be positioned at the finish line.
  37. Once you have crossed the finish line do not stop as you may cause an obstruction to other competitors or road users.
  38. Do not stop to ask the Timekeeper what your time was. You should ride back to the signing-on area where times will be given out later.
  39. More information about riding time trials can be found on the Cycling Time Trials website; Basic Information for Beginners
  40. Finally, you can always come back next week to try and improve your time.

Racing Sub Committee

8 April 2015