Reliability Trial Sunday 27th October 2019

The event is on the above date, from the Forest School Youth Wing, Compton's Lane, Horsham.

There are a choice of three rides. The table below shows the time standards and departure times.

Important : For Newhaven ride you should aim to arrive at the Youth Wing for 8.45am to allow time to sign in so ride can depart on time.

4.5hrs   4hrs   3.5hrs   2.75hrs   3hrs   2.50hrs   2hrs   Checkpoint
Newhaven Challenge (approx 67 miles)    9.00 9.10 9.15 Rossa Luna
Shoreham Quest (approx 42 miles) 9.20 9.30 Airport Cafe
Wiston Ride (approx 32 miles) 9.40 9.50 9.55 Jungle Cafe, Big Plant Nurseries

*Check point in Newhaven is the Luna Rossa (formally the Captain's Table), West Key, Newhaven. BN9 9GB

All rides are self directed, that is you can choose your own route.

Please arrive at the HQ, Forest School Youth Wing in good time for the start time of your intended ride, particularly the Newhaven ride that departs at 9am

HQ open from 8.20am. Refreshments available at the finish.

Guests Welcome. This event replaces all regular Sunday rides.

Stewart Forbes