Club Ride Meeting Points

We have noticed that it is sometimes difficult to comply with the Club's rules on social distancing for Group Riding particularly at the meeting point on Sunday mornings and therefore we have decided to change the meeting points to create more separation between the groups at the start of rides. This is critical to maximize the safety of riders and the general public and also to maintain the reputation of the Club. The new meeting points for Club rides, effective immediately, will be as follows:

Social Riders meet at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax in front of the Cook Shop.

Inter Riders meet at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax with Inter 1 in front of Fat Face and Inter 2 in front of Panino's.

Sporting Riders meet at the E (Bandstand) end of the Carfax with SG1 in front of the Halifax, SG2 in front of Crates and SG3 in front of the Natwest.

Please go to the area designated for your selected ride group and avoid mixing with the other groups. Of course all groups should keep well away from any other gatherings and busy thoroughfares.

In addition, we have received some feedback from the public, and also from club members, about issues they have observed with Club members not fully complying with the Group Riding Guidelines. As such, we would like to remind all members of a few points:

1) Please refrain from disposing of litter, including things like tissues or gel and bar wrappers, on the streets or in drains on the side of the road.

2) All riders must be self sufficient to participate in a Club ride. Please avoid sharing tools, food and clothing with others on a Club ride. If an emergency does occur where support is required try to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering if possible.

Thanks for your continued cooperation in following the Club Guidelines for safe riding.

Barbara Lefebvre