Club rides re-start 4th April 2021

British Cycling have just published their detailed guidance on the steps affiliated clubs should take to make their rides count as ‘organised sport’ as defined in the Covid rules that came into effect on 29 March. This will allow us to ride in larger groups than the 6 now allowed for casual rides; we have capped the maximum at 10 for the time being.

Apart from group size, we will have to take additional measures to comply with BC’s guidance and ensure the safety of our riders and members of the public. These are set out in the attached PDF. Note: this is similar to the document the Club published in June last year, but has some important differences relating to distancing and other measures – please take a few minutes to read it before joining a ride.

As per last year, we will need to disperse group meeting-places to avoid large gatherings in the Carfax. These are in front of/near:

  • Social 1: Crown pub at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax.
  • Social 2: Cook at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax.
  • Inter 1: Fat Face at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax.
  • Inter 2: Panino’s at the W (Swan Walk) end of the Carfax.
  • Sporting 1: Halifax at the E (Bandstand) end of the Carfax
  • Sporting 2: Crates at the E (Bandstand) end of the Carfax
  • Sporting 3: Nat West at the E (Bandstand) end of the Carfax

Until the group departs it is not deemed to be taking part in ‘organised sport’ so riders must keep to the Rule of 6 with 2m spacing and avoid mixing with other groups. The same applies during banana-breaks and at the end of the ride. Of course all groups should keep well away from any other gatherings and busy thoroughfares, both for the safety of the public and to maintain the Club’s good reputation.

The other document attached is a ‘template letter’ from British Cycling, which sets out the basis for allowing cycle clubs to ride in groups larger than 6 on formally-organised rides. This may be useful if challenged by a member of the public (or the police). You may wish to print out a copy to stick in your back pocket; otherwise you could suggest they email the Club on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we will send them the document.

We’ll be looking to re-introduce Saturday rides too in due course – watch this space.

Hopefully we’ll be back to something approaching normality as lockdown restrictions are further eased over the coming months.

See you on the Carfax – hopefully resplendent in your Club kit!

Dave Scott