Open Time Trial Report - Saturday 13th August

Saturday morning was the last chance for a 10 mile PB on the local G10/57 course. The usual 3 Horsham riders (myself, Dale Baldwin and Dave Manders) entered the South Eastern Road Club Open event but in the end the weather (bit windy) and the traffic (busy) meant it was not a day for PB's. As per previous runs I managed to beat Dale by a few seconds (22:41 to 22:46) while Dave rode a 26:18. The winner was Mark Emsley of Team ASL360 in 20:01.

Not satisfied with 1 TT in a day, I also rode the H25/8 course with Tim Peters in the afternoon. A time of 59:06 for me with Tim awaiting his official time (his result was delayed by a crash - not Tim) but fingers crossed for a 59:59.

Jon Fry


Club Time Trial GS/189 - Tuesday 9th August

This week saw the final club Tuesday Evening Time Trial of the season (but still the 25 Champs, Inter Club and Hill Climb to be contested). Raced on the hilly 14 mile Faygate course, it was the second and concluding leg of the Ian Hiscock Handicap Trophy. Great to see the trophy pass onto Robbie Calder who has been a supporter and rider of the club events for many years. He beat Alan Dolan into second and the ever improving Dale Baldwin into third.

Thirteen riders took to the start line with some of the new faces for this season recording faster times then the previous running of this course. Oscar Winter took over a minute off his time, along with improvement by Lloyd Griffin. Tony Banbury rode well and Matt Twelvetrees just sneaked under 38 minutes.

I kept my late season form with a third consecutive win in a time of 36:18, followed by Dale Baldwin and Tim Peters. Claire Wallace took another 10 points for Ladies points competition.

Thanks to the helpers on the night (Colin Ferry, Malcolm Curtis, Peter Delve, Stewart Forbes and Dave Manders) but also to those who have helped throughout the season, without this we could not run the events.

Jon Fry


Open Time Trial Report - 31/07/2016

Saturday morning, fair weather, and 3 Horsham Cycling riders (Jon Fry, Dave Manders and Dale Baldwin) on the start line for the Epsom CC Open TT on the G10/57 course, and club man Peter Delve on timing duties. The event saw 2 riders duck under the 20 minute mark to take 1st and 2nd places (James Boyman of Farnham RC 19:36 and Pat Wright Paceline RT 19:43). Both myself and Dale Baldwin pushed hard but were not quite able to beat our Tuesday night club rides as I had the beating of Dale by just 1 second (22:24 to 22:25).

Sunday morning and just myself from Horsham Cycling on the start line for the SCA 30 mile tt on G30/91. Following PB's at 50 and 10 miles in the last week, I also managed to improve my 30 pb down by just over a minute to 01:13:02 to take 12th place of 33 starters. The winner was Keith Lea of Paceline RT in 01:04:49.

Jon Fry


G10/57 Club TT - Tuesday 26th July 2016

14 Horsham riders (and 3 guests) for the club tt on the G10/57 course, this being the first leg of the 'Ian Hiscock Handicap Trophy'. Robbie Calder took an early lead of just over half a minute from Alan Dolan and Dale Baldwin. The second leg is scheduled for 9th August on the Faygate GS/189 course.

The conditions were not ideal but myself (Jon Fry) and Dale Baldwin managed to ride PB's (22:15 and 22:22 respectively). Dale's was the continuation of an impressive first season of TT'ing while mine was the beating of a 3 year old previous best. The top 3 were covered by a mere 7 seconds with myself taking my first victory of the season by two seconds from Simon Mitchell and Dale.

Claire Wallace took maximum points in the Ladies competition and should have the ladies points competition in the bag before the season's end.

Thanks to the helpers on the night, Colin Ferry and Malcolm Curtis doing the timekeeping, Stewart Forbes the signing on, Stephen Copeland signs and John Chaplin pushing off.

Jon Fry


Open Time Trial Report 24/07/2016 - SDV P901/50

Today was a day for long distance TT's, as two 50 milers and a 100 were on offer locally to the foolhardy. I went with my usual 50 mile TT run by South Down Velo on the Fontwell/Chichester/Arundel circuit.

After a preceding week of fast Bax loops (thanks to Simon Mitchell and Matt Andrews), and a course PB on the Redmon Cycling club G10/42 (along with a PB by Tim Peters and a superfast 22:54 by Simon M), I was hoping that the legs will not cooked today. Luckily the form held (along with the weather) and with some good pacing I managed to ride a time of 01:57:50, beating my previous PB (and Club PB) by 1 minute and 15 seconds. Time to update the club's record page!

Next year I will try and prepare to ride a 100 mile TT.....


Jon Fry


Road Races

This week saw the 'opportunity' to race at Thruxton and Dunsfold on consecutive nights. Thruxton is a great circuit - wide race track and a 60 ft. kick up, usually into a head wind, and sharp chicane for good measure; both 100 yards from the finish line. Racing was high tempo with 53 3rd Cat riders setting off in a strong following breeze, with 4th Cats and Women starting a few minutes ahead. The pace remained tough for the 9 laps of the 2.3 mile circuit. Despite the strong head-wind toward the finish and resultant extreme snaking of the bunch, a group of 10 eventually made it away. They looked to be gone for good, but after a late charge by the bunch, which saw us riding a last lap at a PR average of 28mph, we caught the breakaway just at the bottom of the hill. I sprinted up the hill and around the chicane, but a lowly 24th was all I could muster, but with the bunch in single file at times and an average of 26mph, quite pleased anyway.

Next night saw the weekly Dunsfold evening Vets series, for which I had sneaked a few points recently, but with legs tired from Thruxton, foolishly thought I would sit and do a 'Cummings' for a few laps. How wrong could I be, the race was one of the fastest all season, with constant attacks and gaps to close. For the first time ever at Dunsfold, I seriously thought I was going to get tailed out the back, after stupidly letting a group go away and being too near the back of the bunch. Head bouncing like a toy nodding dog and legs on fire, I just made it back into the bunch, only for another attack to go away again. I hung on, but a lowly 18th tonight, but another last lap at near 28mph and an average for the race of 26.4mph, all on a broken bottom bracket and loose cassette, at least no camera bikes though.

I think these two races show that as the season progresses, the average race pace is now at or near the E/1/2/3 pace races of last year. In fact Thruxton E/1/2's never caught us and their average was only just 0.5mph quicker. Clearly training techniques and improvements in bike and kit, must all be having an effect; either that or I just haven't got the right engine, off to e-bay...

Paul Walsingham


Crawley Wheelers Open TT - G10/57 Sat 9th July

5 club riders were up early yesterday morning to ride the fast 10 mile course, run this week by Crawley Wheelers. The weather was ok, with a headwind on the return leg. Dale Baldwin continued his early morning improvements with a great 10 mile PB ride of 22:33, then came myself with 23:08, Roland Kitson 23:18, Dave Manders 26:39 and Gary Holder at 26:55 riding single speed.

The winner was James Rix of the hosting club with a time of 20:04.

Jon Fry


Dunsfold Race - Wed 6th July 2016

After 3 weeks away from racing with an indeterminate chest infection and equally indeterminate Southern Trains service from London Bridge, I finally made the start line for the Wednesday night Vets series at Dunsfold. 'Only two more races of the Summer Series to go', someone told me; what summer was that then? Getting the race legs tuned in again, I took the first few of the 8 laps cautiously, sitting further back in the bunch than usual. The race track was devoid of the usual mud and stones kindly distributed by Mr. Evans and Co. We also had an Army Chinook for company, which was flying around the airfield for the whole race, the 8 man crew and us making maybe one of the larger audiences near the Top Gear studio this series?

The race was truly 'stop - start' affair, as a strong westerly wind made very hard work for the bunch around 2-sides of the triangular track. When there was wind assistance, the bunch stretched out in single file like a Cav sprint train (not sure why he ever needed one now?), making it tough and preferably avoiding abuse from the riders behind if you couldn't stick to the wheel in front of you. Lots of breaks attempted, but the wind ensured that none lasted more than a few hundred yards.

Down to an inevitable sprint, I decided to dive down the left hand side of the finish straight, a 0.4 mile stretch with a rough, gravely surface in places. I have learned that many of the riders who start to 'sprint', do so for only a short time, then just give up and freewheel in, basically getting in the way of everybody else. I went on the opposite side of the main sprinters, harder maybe, but avoiding playing bike pinball. Passing several reluctant sprinters, I dragged myself to the line and landed another 10th. Garmin showed an average of 34.9mph, but need to find another couple of MPH to be competitive, maybe stick to one of the other 9 wheels in front of me next time, just which 9 though?

Paul Walsinham.


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