Racing with Horsham Cycling

The Club has a very active racing scene!

We award a number of hotly-contested trophies each year, awarded at our Annual Christmas Dinner & Awards Evening. 

Trophy Winners

Racing is organised by the Racing Sub-Committee and supported by a team of marshals, timekeepers and other volunteers. 

Our affiliations with racing organisations mean members can compete in Open & Association time trials advertised on the Cycling Time Trials website. 

Members can also compete in Open road races advertised on the British Cycling website or those organised by the Surrey Cycle Racing League

Time Trials

Time trials are a simple test of your fitness against the clock. It's a great way to set personal challenges and provide focus to training, irrespective of fitness level. Our Club events are open to all members from all groups, plus guests from local clubs if space allows. 

Most races are club oriented, but we also organise open events which are advertised nationally and attract strong fields. 

We also have the annual Club Hill Climb competition in the autumn, which is always hotly contested.

Please read the following information about our TTs before entering:


Club TT Entry Rules
(opens as a PDF)

Guide to preparing and riding for one of our time trials
(opens as a PDF)

 Road Racing

Horsham Cycling is affiliated to the Surrey Cycle Racing League. This allows any member of Horsham Cycling to race in any of the 150+ road races Surrey League holds each season. To race in a Surrey League event you will need to have attended/passed two novice race days hosted by Surrey League. 

You can race as an affiliated member as part of Horsham Cycling. To do this you will need to join the Surrey League via their website. This will cost £20 as Horsham Cycling have a discount of 50% on the usual joining fee. You will also receive a discount on the entry fee for each race you participate in. 

To participate in a road race event you must have the following as a minimum: 

·  British Cycling silver membership. 

·  4th category road race licence from British Cycling (this is separate to the licence you get as part of your BC membership).

·  Standard road bike (no tribars / aero bars).

The British Cycling website lists upcoming races you can enter. It also has some useful videos that give a good taste for preparing to road race.

 Virtual Racing

Indoor cycling has been growing in popularity recently, especially during the 2020/21 lockdown when Club rides became less frequent. The Club has therefore introduced two indoor cycling awards: ‘Best Improver’ & ‘Most Consistent’. Both awards are ‘gender-neutral’ so could go to either male or female participants. Note only first-claim members of Horsham Cycling will be eligible for the awards.


At present Zwift is the most popular indoor platform among Club members, so for now the awards will be available to members of the Horsham Cycling Zwift Racing team (HCZR). 

If you have any questions about racing with us you can email the Racing Sub-Committee