Our Next Reliability Trial


Reliability Trials start and finish at Forest School Youth Wing.
Please arrive at least 15m before the start time shown below to allow time to sign in.
The Youth Wing will be open from 08.30.
Refreshments will be on offer at the finish.
(If you're not sure what a Reliability Trial is... go here) 

Newhaven Challenge

Distance: 67 miles (approx)
Start: 09:00 / 09.10 / 09.15 
Time standards: 5h / 4h30' / 4h 
Checkpoint: See Spond

Shoreham Quest

Distance: 42 miles (approx)
Start: 09.20 / 09.30
Time standards: 3h30' / 3h
Checkpoint: Shoreham Airport Cafe 

Wiston Ride

Distance: 32 miles (approx)
Start: 09:35 / 09.40 / 09.50
Time standards: 3h / 2h30' / 2h
Checkpoint: Jungle Tearoom in the Big Plant Centre