Group Rides: Speed/Distance Criteria

We have a number of groups, each with its own speed/distance criteria which ride leaders are asked to observe. Members are not tied to a specific group and often ride with a different group if they want to challenge themselves or fancy something a little more relaxed. Groups are limited to 10 riders.

Most of our rides do NOT have a café stop, but instead have a roadside 'banana break'. Riders are advised to carry adequate food and drink with them. 

Weekly ride leaders and destinations are shown on the Club's Spond app. Details of this are given on joining. 

Sunday Rides (Carfax - map)

Social 1: 25-35 miles @ 11-14mph. Departs 09.20
Social 2: 30-40 miles @ 12-14mph. Departs 09.20

Intermediate 1: 35-45 miles @ 14-15mph. Departs 09.15
Intermediate 2: 35-45 miles @ 15-16mph. Departs 09.15

Sporting 1: 40-50 miles @ 16-17mph. Departs 09.10 (note this group normally has a café stop)
Sporting 2: 40-50 miles @ 16.5-18mph. Departs 09.10
Sporting 3: 45-65 miles @ 17-19.5mph. Departs 09.05
Sporting 4: No upper speed/distance parameters. Departs 09.05 (08.00 for longer rides)

Groups sometimes schedule a longer ride, which will be publicised in advance on Spond. 

Saturday Rides (Horsham Park Bandstand - map)

Social: c25 miles @ 11-13.5mph (currently suspended)
Intermediate: c30 miles @ 14-15.5mph
Sporting: c35 miles @ 16-18mph

Saturday rides depart at 08.30 (BST) / 09.00 (GMT) and aim to be back in Horsham c10.30/11.00.